The Packhorse

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The "Packhorse" is a versatile implement when used as a "nurse" unit to keep the applicator in the field. The "Packhorse" can be towed from field to field providing the "storage" for the liquids being applied to the farmers field.

The entire frame lowers to the ground level for filling and liquid withdrawal. The "Packhorse" raises up to transport position for road travel. This is accomplished by actuating the rockshaft on the manual hydraulic system. The trailer shall not be raised or transported unless the tanks are empty.


"Packhorse" Specifications
Overall Width


Lights include turn lights, brake lights and tail lights. Automotive type with no front connector

Overall Length 22"  
Overall Height (transport mode) 13' 6" Full flow plumbing with full port valves and hose
6" Channel frame    
Safety Chains Choice of 2" ball or clevis hitch Primed and painted with rust resistant paint to produce an eye appealng color design
Two fully supported 3,000 gallon 15° cone bottom tanks  
9.5L x 15 tires mounted on 5.5" implement wheels Piping to permit filling and liquid withdrawal from a single or both tanks simultaneously