The Chuckwagon

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The Chuckwagon is a compact 1,250 gallon nurse unit
that will MAKE YOU MONEY!

It is designed to increase the time you can keep your applicator in the field. The new implement hauls more product! The compact, heavy duty frame design allows you to quickly maneuver in tighter spots to help keep your field applicator spraying acres. The vertical cone bottom design allows better product agitation, faster discharge and complete drainage. More product, faster product discharge, greater flexibility and mobility all add up to increased production!

So call Fairbank Equipment or your area representative for the latest information.


"Chuckwagon" Specifications
Overall Width


Full flow plumbing with full port valves and hose

Overall Length 175"  
Overall Height 102" Primed and painted with rust resistant paint to produce an attractive color combination
6" Channel frame    
Safety Chains   Choice of 2" ball or clevis hitch
Fully supported 1,200 gallon 15° cone bottom tank
Trailer Tires 235/80R16 

Hose stand
  Cast iron or poly pump
  Briggs & Stratton or Honda Engines
  Turn lights, brake lights and tail lights. Automotive type without front connector