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Duo Lift N1000 Hi-Rise Ammonia Trailer

  • Name: Duo Lift N1000 Hi-Rise Ammonia Trailer
  • Description:

    All Duolift hi-rise trailers feature 5th wheel steering and are equipped with a 2-1/2″ king pin. Tire tracks can be adjusted from 60″ to 90″ in minutes with the original easy to use clamp design. Simply loosen one bolt per tire. The front axle is designed to turn completely under the wagon.

    The N-1000 wagon is designed with extra ground clearance for side-dressing applications. It features 5th wheel steering with a 2.50″ diameter king pin, 6-bolt hubs, 15 x 10 wheels, 60″ to 90″ adjustable tracking, 2″ diameter type 1144 spindle shaft, 4 x 8 axles, 4 x 4 stringers, a rear hitch, and two safety chains. Options include: lights, extension tongue, cushion tongue, wider tracking, and implement flotation tires.

  • Features:

    N-1000 High Clearance Wagon Specifications:

    Tank 1,000 Gallon

    Capacity 14,000# GVW

    Axle Clearance 32″ Clearance

    Axles 4″ x 8″

    Hubs 6-Bolt 3,800#

    Wheels 15″ x 10″ x 6″

    Track Adjustment 60″ x 90″ 120″ optional

    Optional Tires 11Lx15″ or 12.5Lx15″

    NP-1000 Conversion

    Convert your older anhydrous ammonia tanks with the NP-1000.

    This unit accommodates the 1,000 gallon Prior style tank with a triangular mount.

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